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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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changing john: happening now we are in first alert mode. many schools closed and commute could be tricky as the wintry weather moves in. our breaking news vehicles are out. barbara: slick roads leading to there crash. amber rupinta is in the traffic center tracking trouble spots. john: air travel impacted. an update on cancellations at r.d.u. fplt good morning, carolina, welcome on february 15. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we are in first alert mode with live team coverage. we have live crews spread out
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triangle to the sand hills and roxboro where a good amount of snow is on the ground. john: some schools are closed or opening late. wake county, durham public schools and chapel hill carrboro schools closed. barbara: also orange, edgecombe. franklin, granville. mecklinburg, person, vance and warren schools closed. chatham. clinton. harnett. hoke, johnston, lee, moore, robinson, wayne and wilson county schools. you can find a list on it is on the link on the home page. now weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center with the latest. don: good morning to you. we will talk advisories and warnings. we have a winter storm warning for orange, person and alamance counties through 9:00 tonight. we have a went weather advisories extended to can 7:00 tonight for most of the middle
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we have the winter weather advisory down south for the southern part of the viewing area until 1:00 because of the anticipating change to more rain earlier in the day down to the south. here is what we are seeing on radar. we just got the boundary of this system kind of right over us, the southern edge of it, as the moisture runs in it and we will see a little mixed precipitation through wake county and some reports of sleet and mixing with freezing rain. same down south, hit-or-miss pockets. up toward roxboro and rocky mount there's a heavier band working through louisburg and you see it developing there and shifting east crossing i-95 right now. that will put down a quick burst of snow showers. temperatures across the region, 23 now in roxboro, 24 chapel hill. 25. 28 smithfield, 29 fayetteville with precipitation cooling the atmosphere by a degree or two.
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still are not above freezing, still a wintry mix around. into the afternoon we will climb before freezing and see everything changing to rain. that rain will take away snow and tomorrow a very rainy morning. we will talk about that in the complete forecast but now we talk roads with weather and traffic together with amber rupinta. amber: if you need to get specific road conditions dial 511 and that is through the n.c. dot and pinpoint a road. we are starting to see the wintry precipitation fall from central north carolina. roxboro saw it earlier. they are seeing it stick to the roads so use caution. here is how it is with d.o.t. cameras. i-85 around the durham freeway and you can see white sticking there. certainly it is first sticking to the grassy surfaces and medians but we are seeing a little bit on the some of the asphalt on some of the hoeuls.
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story. wake county we are still dry. it is pushing into this area but right now looking ok. if you are heading to the airport call first because we are seeing some delays. on the mapping system here is the road weather index and there is the snow and here is anywhere you see pink is where you could see ice. so an interesting monday, barbara. hopefully a lot of folks get to stay in and not have to get on the roads. barbara: as amber said the big concern is the road conditions with the commute getting ready to start in earnest. in raleigh roads are in good condition but pavement is cold so whatever falls probably will stick. gloria rodriguez begins our live team coverage in break baek -- breaking news one in raleigh. gloria: i want to take you outside on the roads so you can see. we are on 540 and we have moved over to northern wake county. this is near glenwood.
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this is freezing rain. as soon as it hits our windshield it sis freezing over. it is about 25 degrees and definitely a chilly morning and freezing rain. d.o.t. has been preparing for a wintry mix today. they have already placed more than 111,000 gallons of brine in wake and durham counties and they have 70 d.o.t. trucks on the road. we will continue to monitor the roads for you and bring you the latest. be sure to tune in. back to you in the studio. barbara: gloria, thank you. in durham they got the first wave of the winter storm last night leaving the roads slick. anthony wilson is tracking conditions in the bull city. it was snowing last time we good morning. anthony: good morning, barbara. right now we have what sounds breaking news one.
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looking at roxboro road heading into the city. you can see that there is snow on the ground, but you can see blocktop because the -- blacktop. but bear in mind it is below freezing and it could get icy. it will be dangerous for people to drive so that means you should 12:00 around the house and delay if you can. there is snow on your car if you left it outside. we have passed some parking lots on roxboro road and we see snow on the windshields. it is cold and we will keep an eye on things for you as we move through the morning. we are inside a tphaoeusnice toasty breaking news one watching weather go bonus the windshield. anthony tony, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: in fayetteville it quiet
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nicole carr is reporting it is cold and the fountain in downtown is frozen over. we will check in with nicole in a few minutes. roxboro. barbara: nearly two inches fell last night. we have our breaking news one there in person county and a there. so slick roads. that is where person county schools among others are closed today. it is a holiday and a lot of schools a closed. john: let's look now at terminal two at r.d.u. if you have a flight this morning from r.d.u. international airport you may want to call ladyahead. last check more than two dozen flights were canceled. most are in the northeast and midwest hit by extreme winter weather. this morning an 11-year-old triangle girl is recovering from a gotten wonder. barbara: coming up where she is and what we know about the
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john: a potentially new scandal for elliott spitzer. a woman's claims about the former governor. we continue to be in first alert mode. these are road conditions wet as you see from one of the cameras. don is keeping track of this. this is cary. don: we are seeing that winter weather advisory now extended. we are also seeing the winter storm warning extended through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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barbara: we are in first alert mode hoping that you get through this round of wfrpbt weather. -- winter weather. don: we have the warnings and that warning is extended until 7:00 a.m. for the northern counties. we are looking at -- that is the traffic computer. you can see where we are starting to see snow reported and ice being reported. if we can switch to weather 3 or weather 1, that is the latest winter storm warning in effect for roxboro and also orange and person counties. those northern counties through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, will take a while for warm air to get there. went weather advisory through 7:00 p.m. and down south it is until 1:00 this afternoon balls you will see more warm air as the morning progresses. radar picture showing the mixed precipitation, sleet extending
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orange county as you have one of our folks said a half inch of snow on the ground near zebulon. more snow to the north. temperatures across the region, 21 south hill. 23 roxboro, 23 louisburg, 28 sanford, 29 in fayetteville and clinton. looking at the day ahead mid 20's now. by lunchtime the wintry mix continuing and this afternoon rain. temperatures will go up this afternoon and up overnight. we will talk about the warm air in a bit but now we've weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: of course, we have school cancellations. it is a holiday so hopefully that will work in our favor and keep the volume down to a minimum. we have those emergency crews out doing their thing. this is one of our breaking news one vehicles behind a city truck on carver street in durham and they are doing what they can to keep the roads safe for you.
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little tricky when you have some rain mixed in. we will keep you posted. durham so far is in good shape. this is fayetteville, owen and gillespie and you see it is still nice and quiet there. into the raleigh area we have a accident in wake county off capital boulevard. that precipitation is making its way across the viewing area. any you see white it could be snow yes and pink is icy. john: an 11-year-old shot in eastern wake county is waking up in wakemed. right now we're working to find out how badly the child is hurt. it was at a home on colchester drive over the weekend in knightdale. we are reaching out to the wake county sheriff to learn more. barbara: raleigh police need to identify this man. it is a klayclay reproduction of a
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they believe he was in his 50's and was about 5'8". officers do not suspect foul play. if you believe you know who this is or you think you have other information about him call raleigh police. john: a rental car turns out to be a ticking time bomb. barbara: details of a major scare ahead. and not a good valentine's wind for eliot spitzer after a come claims he choked her. john: incredible video in installed, the damage left by a quick. first we are in first alert mode.
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john: 5:17 and 25 degrees on presidents day monday. here is a look at the headlines. we are in first alert mode this morning. a winter storm warning in effect
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the rest of the viewing area under a winter weather advisory. there is a triple threat of snow, sleet and freezing rain. this is glenwood in raleigh. right now a wintry mix is falling but so far no major problems. this is durham where roads are already slick this morning. this is roxboro street. police in durham responding to at least one crash overnight blamed on black ice. several school systems are closed including wake counties and you can find a complete list of closings and delays on the first alert weather app and a raleigh family out in the cold when a fire started in their howls. everyone got out and an investigation is under way. barbara: troubling claims against eliot spitzer. a 25-year-old woman tells police he choked her at new york's plaza hotel. she said it was in his hotel room where they went after spending time at the bar.
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the two were romantically involved and the spat started when she tried breaking up with him. he resigned in 2008 over a prostitution scandal. authorities in albuquerque, new mexico want to know who planted a bomb in a rental car. a mechanic noticed it on the avis vehicle sunday morning. a squad disarmed it. travelers lined up for hours waiting to get their rentals. f.b.i. is part of the investigation. john: the dust is settling after appear earthquake caused a cliff to collapse. the video out of the ordinary. this is just outside christ church, new zealand. the 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck valentine's day. aftermath. you can see where the chunk of cliff fell off. earthquake. but that is pretty severe. barbara: wow, incredible.
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advisories and warnings and all those things. don: in many spots it is sleet. as we get warm air it will change to freezing then melt. this winter warning is through 7:00 including person, alamance and orange through 7:00. you could see a significant accumulation of snow there. >> we will go into the northern counties. this is a winter weather advisory through 7:00 p.m. tonight. that has been extended from wake county up to the north and that is because it will take a while for warm air to get in. going down into the southern counties, favorite. raeford. went weather advisory until 1:00 because we will change from sleet to freezing rain. look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar
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this in motion and south and western areas are not seeing much precipitation. it is not building back here. we are in the mode where the moisture is running into the cold air and that is where we are seeing freezing rain or sleet. as you work up into the durham area and into alamance and orange counties you see the change to sleet. we are getting reports of sleet in northern wake county and roxboro. there batch in southern warren county is heavier bands of snow mixing with sleet. live look into joined raleigh and we have sleet being reported. 25, dew point 16, 69% humidity. we will see the wintry mix continue as we look at the airport, things starting to slick up. call ahead. this is the weather that can delay flights because even with the de-icing they see icing in the mid levels. 23 roxboro, 25 siler city, 28 southern pines. everybody below freezing. 2
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we are on the back edge of this right now. it is just building on the back side and lifting north. as we go through the day we will see this area fill in over the next couple of hours. by 8:00 this morning we have just a hit-or-miss precipitation. not so much down in the sand hills. into the afternoon we start to see some of the warmer air working and that will change the snow to pockets of rain and eventually rain working through by 8:00 or 9:00 changing to a rain event. the reason the winter advisories and storm warnings go later because it takes a whilor the rain it eat away the snow. 6:00 tomorrow morning this is all rain. we could see a heavy rainfall tomorrow morning and might even see some thunder imwedded. we will -- embedded. we have better weather moving in through the middle of the week. the rest of today in raleigh expect the wintry mix this morning and cloudy skies, 30
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into the afternoon there will be rain around and weekends pick up, temperatures climbing into the 30's. tonight temperatures across the area back into the 30's and 20's. notice as we go through the tkaeuday the central counties temperatures in the mid 30's and that wintry mix. tonight we will see rain, changing to rain, 42 raleigh. 44 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's. 58 degrees. we stay warm and above normal. wednesday 55, thursday just a little below normal of 51. friday 53 and the weekend 60's return. very warm stretch after the next couple of days. but this morning we will see the worst of it and then this afternoon changes it rain and eat the ice away. barbara: this will be a faint memory by the weekend. we hope. right now it is here. amber: it is bearing down and if
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a lot of folks are with school cancellations. it is presidents day and that is working in our favor. we have an accident reported off to the side 495 southbound at 440 eastbound and it looks like they are just pulling away and maybe leaving the car there. i don't know. there were some flashing lights but something to watch for this morning morning. actually, that looks like a d.o.t. truck. glenwood and 540 an accident i don't think we are seeing anything with our cameras glenwood. look at all the colors on the road weather index. that is the winter precipitation morning. anywhere you see white is where it is snowing, pink is ice and pretty much the entire viewing area dealing with that. raleigh another accident perry creek and sylvan creek drive.
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dannon in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. john: financial fires have recession worries. barbara: "deadpool" makes the box office come alive. reena ninan and kendis gibson have the financial and consumer news. >> fears another recession. >> a survey last week of financial insiders finds that
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chance of another recession this year. managers were warned the auto maker could be in trouble over diesel emissions. they were told the u.s. was looking into whether vehicle software was giving false results. and it was a record setting weekend at the bogs office. "deadpool" starring ryan reynolds brought in $135 million the biggest r-rated opening ever. kung fu panda three was second with $20 million. that is america's money. barbara: it is 5:28. wintry weather spreading across central carolina. john: our live team coverage of the changing conditions
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an update barbara: "eyewitness news" in first alert mode a winter storm bringing a little bit of everything from snow to freezing rain. john: we have live team coverage from around the area and latest school closings and delays. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 15, presidents day 5:30 and 25 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will check in with meteorologist don schwenneker for the latest in a moment but first we want to bring you up-to-the-minute on school closings. wake county, durham public, chapel hill carrboro schools closed. barbara: orange, edgecombe. franklin, granville. mecklinburg, person, vance and warren county schools closed. john: two lower delays for chatham. clinton city, halifax, harnett, hoke, johnston, lee, moore, robinson, wayne and wilson. you can find a complete list of


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